Your child's success with mathematics depends on their strength in 6 predictive domains. Learn more about these domains and why they're important in the video below.

Measurement and Spatial Reasoning are the strongest predictors of future success, yet these areas are not addressed in most schools until much later than children need.

The PMA-Screner accurately assesses your children's abilities in all 6 domains!

The PMA (Primary Mathematics Assessment) Screener is a short test that takes about 8 minutes to administer to your child and will uncover the specific areas of need. It is scientifically valid and proven to successfully predict later math success.

Once taken the completement provides , targeted activities, and suggest game this buildss strong mathematical foundation for your child.


The DMT Complete Math Program is the result of over 20 years research by a leading expert in Math Education.

Schools that are using the DMT Complete Math Program have seen test score improve over 50%.

This program has been modified for parents of 4 to 8 year olds to help put their child on the right path to being prepared and succeed in STEM fields!


Thank you for visiting us today. I've dedicated my life's work to understanding why people struggle with math and how to help them succeed.

Spending 8 minutes with your child administering the PMA-Screener will help you understand the areas they need to work on. The PMA system will then provide targeted DMTI activities and recommend specific books and games that are exactly what your child needs to put them on a solid path to be successful in math.

Success in math is rooted in 6 predictive domains. Spending time now with your child can build a strong foundation for the future!

Please give it a try and let us know your feedback!

~ Jonathan Brendefur, PhD


Hear from teachers and parents!
The 6 Predictive Domains

Spatial Reasoning is the strongest predictor of future success in all of mathematics!

Difficulties in spatial reasoning lead to difficulties in all areas of math. It is the strongest predictor of your child’s future success in math.

By providing opportunities to your child to develop their spatial reasoning, they will improve all of their math abilities.

Ongoing practice with spatial reasoning keeps the brain active and protects against cognitive decline later in life.

The DMT Complete Math Program is the only scientifically valid and proven way to both diagnose your child and recommend specific activities guaranteed to improve strength with spatial reasoning

Measurement is the second strongest predictor of future success!

Measurement tasks help learners connect visual understandings of magnitude/size to the numbers that represent them. Eventually this leads to increased achievement in number-based tasks.

Providing meaningful opportunities for young children to measure builds their background knowledge, which is key to understanding more difficult mathematics.

Difficulties visualizing or interpreting measurement ideas (i.e. iterating, partitioning, and units) are strongly connected to difficulties in geometry, fractions, and algebra.

Relational Thinking

Relational thinking increases flexibility with number and has shown to increase performance on fact-based assessments.

Relational thinking is the basis of problem solving. Difficulties lead to low achievement in computation, ratio and proportion, and mathematical reasoning.

Strength in numerical relationships contribute to the ability to interpret analogy-based relationships on college entrance exams such as the SAT.

Interpreting Context

Strong abilities in listening comprehension and interpreting language connect to your child’s success in mathematics and problem solving.

Difficulties solving real-world problems can lead to difficulties making sense of data and information.

Young children who are able to interpret a problem and plan a solution strategy are more likely to be successful computing, making sense of concepts, and reasoning mathematically in later grades.

Number Facts

Strong number sense in young children contributes to greater flexibility with numbers and more efficient computation.

Early experiences connecting number names to visual quantities and spatial relationships increase your child’s competence with numbers.

Strong skills in fluency and flexibility with single-digit arithmetic decreases strain on working-memory. It allows the brain to focus more energy on reasoning or solving difficult tasks.

Number Sequencing

Young children with high abilities in verbal counting are more successful on tests of math fluency.

Continued difficulty with number concepts, especially those measured using timed tests, often leads to math anxiety,which decreases motivation and self-confidence.

Number sequencing, like counting forward and backward and skip counting, leads to better understanding with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

We Have An Approach To Improve Your Child's Success In 6 Predictive Domains!

Track Learning Progress: Individualized reports sent directly to your inbox to track progress and results.

Personalized Learning: Targeted educational resources and games customized to your child's needs.

Unique and Specialized Activities: An array of fun and interactive activities, games, and books to help your child accelerate their learning.


This program was only available to schools, however for the first time it's available to you.

Engaging Math Activities for you and your child.
Guaranteed to Change their Lives Forever!

"Not only did we have fun with the activities and playing these games for hours, he has improved in all six domains”

- Stephanie P.

Developed by a PhD in Mathematics Education

The Complete Math Program is the result of over 20 years and $17 Million of research

The math activities and suggestive games in the Complete Math program are proven to work. Founded by Jonathan Brendefur, PhD, DMT (Developing Mathematical Thinking) Institute uses these activities and methods in its 30+ school districts helping over 28,000 students raise their scores and have more fun.

Who Benefits from the DMT Complete Math Program

The Complete Math program is for parents of grades K, 1, 2 children who want to prepare their kids for success in math and in life. If you want your child to set the foundation for success in middle & high school, this is for you!

Everything you need is provided in simple-to-understand sections online. No tech skills are required to get the most out of this program.

Build a Strong Math Foundation!
and Enjoy working with your child to
improve their math and life skills!

Have fun while building a strong foundation for future academic & life success!

  • Yes! Specific, custom tailored games for your child's needs
  • Yes! Fun, interactive games (solo or family)
  • Yes! Proven track record of results!
  • Yes! Feel confident in your child's progress
  • Yes! Set your child up for future academic success!
Developed to Create a Happier, More Confident Future!
Simple, proven, effective Math Activities

Primary Math Assessment Screener

Predict your child’s current status quickly and easily with the Primary Math Assessment (PMA). The screener is given every 3 months to track your child's progress. This screener is used by many school districts around the country.

Math Activities by Domains

The Complete Math Program includes each of the 6 critical domains of math development needed for a foundation of success in life. There are web based activities to improve each domain.

Ongoing Support

As a member of the Complete Math Program community, you’ll also get notified for further updates with the latest activities & tips for you and your family to implement. You’ll also get access to Dr. Brendefur and his team to answer any questions that you may have along the way!

Primary Math Account Diagnostics

For each of the targeted domains, you'll be able to diagnose your child and get specific information about their strengths and weaknesses within each domain at the most targeted level to help your child get exactly the instruction they need.

The DMTI Complete Math Program

What's Included?

Here's a Breakdown of the DMT Complete Math Activities

Spatial Reasoning Activities

  • Activities to improve your child's Spatial Reasoning Skills
  • This area is the foundation of all other areas of math and is the strongest predictor of your child's future success
  • Assists in improving brain health and protection against cognitive decline later in life

Primary Math Assessment Tool

  • Get a Baseline reading on where your child is today in less than 10 minutes
  • Retake every 3 months
  • Get a diagnostic test to track progress
  • One of a Kind Proprietary System used by 30+ School Districts
  • Easy to use

Measurement Activities

  • Web based activities to help improve your child's measurement abilities
  • Helps your child connect visual understandings of magnitude to the numbers that represent them
  • Build a strong foundation for more difficult and advanced math concepts including geometry, fractions and algebra

Relational Thinking Activities

  • Activities to help improve your child's Relational Thinking abilities
  • Helps your child build a strong foundation for general problem solving
  • Improves future ability to perform on college entrance exams like the SAT & ACT

Interpreting Context Activities

  • Activities to help improve your child's Interpreting Context Skills
  • Builds a strong foundation in listening comprehension & language (yes, through math!)
  • Assists in solving real-world problems and making sense of information

Number Sequencing Activities

  • Activities to help your child's counting abilities
  • Experience counting and skip counting using multiple representations
  • Improve pattern recognition and increase your child's motivation and self confidence

Number Facts Activities

  • Activities to help your child's fluency of facts
  • Build your child's ability to identify and recognize numbers and learn addition and subtraction facts
  • Experience visual quantities and spatial relationships to increase number knowledge and improve working-memory
Increase Your Child's Future Income Potential!
Did you know... Early math success is a predictor of a 28% higher income level?

Everything you get when you join today

Here’s what you’ll get instant access to

  • Primary Math Assessment Screener
  • Primary Math Assessment Diagnostic
  • Spatial Reasoning Activities
  • Measurement Activities
  • Relational Thinking Activities
  • Interpreting Context Activities
  • Number Facts Activities
  • Number Sequencing Activities
  • Suggested math tools, games and books
  • Bonus: Coaching Call
  • Priority access to special offers & updates from DMT Institute


Did you know...
Children with above average math scores are 68% happier?

More Results from Parents & Teachers

Complete Math Program is optimized for fast, tangible results!

"Now I understand why my children struggled with math for so many years. I never realized before how often I would teach them tricks and gimmicks to learn math concepts that were actually foundational to more difficult topics we were going to learn later. I find myself doing a much better job of focusing on the big concepts and helping them see the connections between things I never knew were related. (DMTI) has reinvigorated my teaching. I wish I could do my first 15 years of teaching all over again! ”

- Jessica D.

"Having (DMTI staff) in my classroom was the best experience! My kids loved having an expert teach them. I learned more from team teaching that 45 minute lesson than I could have possibly imagined. It was so helpful! ”

- Rachel F.

"Using the (DMTI) modules to teach fractions was the best thing I did all year. I struggled with fractions when I was a student and never felt comfortable teaching fractions to my kids. But, the modules helped me understand fractions in a much deeper way and my kids are stronger with their fraction understanding than I ever thought they could be this early in the year. ”

- Julie C.