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A Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute Product    |    The World's #1 K-2 Game-Based Math Education System
Math Activities for Kids
Guaranteed to Change their Lives Forever!
"Not only does my child have fun with the activities and playing these games for hours (and as a family), his test scores have improved 46% and he spends less time on homework since using Complete Math! He's happier and more confident too! This is the real deal!”

- Stephanie P.                                                                       

Developed by a PhD in Mathematics Education
The math activities and games in the Complete Math program are proven to work. Founded by Jonathan Brendefur, PhD, DMT (Developing Mathematical Thinking) Institute uses these games and methods in its 30+ school districts helping over 28,000 students raise their scores and have more fun.

The Complete Math Program is the result of over 20 years and $17 Million of research by leading math education expert, Jonathan Brendefur.

Who is this for?
The Complete Math games bundle is for parents of K-2 children who want to prepare their kids for success in math and in life. If you want your child to set the foundation for success in middle & high school, this is for you!

Everything you need is provided in simple-to-understand sections. No tech skills are required to get the most out of this product.

We've spent 20 Years and $17 Million in Research & Development...
To create the Best Math Activities and Games for K-2 Development!
Eliminate the Struggle!
Have fun while building a strong foundation for future academic & life success!
  • No more worrying about your child's academic future
  •  No more frustrating homework nights
  •  No more struggling in school
  •  No more "generic" "boring" solutions
  •  Yes! Specific, custom tailored games for your child's needs
  •  Yes! Fun, interactive games (solo or family)
  •  Yes! Proven track record of results!
  •  Yes! Feel confident in your child's progress
  •  Yes! Set your child up for future academic success!
Proven to Create a Happier, More Confident Future!
Simple, proven, effective Math Activities & Games
Some of Our Successful Parents & Teachers
Here's a sample of the 50+ Positive Reviews
The Only Program of its Kind!
Cool Math Games & Activities for the whole family!
Everything You and Your Child Need to Be Successful
All the tools you need to have fun, learn and grow!
Initial Primary Math Assessment
Gauge your child’s current status quickly and easily with the Primary Math Assessment (PMA). This will give you a baseline to track progress and improvement. This assessment is used by 30+ school districts around the USA

Ongoing Support
As a member of the Complete Math community, you’ll also get notified for further updates with the latest games & tips for you and your family to implement. You’ll also get access to Jonathan and his team to answer any question that you may have along the way!
Math Activities by Category
The Complete Math program includes each of the 6 critical areas of math development needed for a foundation of success in later schooling and in life. There are cool, fun math games for each area and the ability to track your child’s progress with ongoing diagnostics
Primary Math Diagnostics
For each of the targeted domains, you'll be able to diagnose your child and get specific information about their strengths and weaknesses within each domain at the most targeted level to help your child get exactly the instruction they need.
Bonus 1: Course Curriculum & Theory Pack
  •  Access the curriculum package sold to school districts
  •  Normally a $2,495 package!
  •  Curriculum, theory & practical application
  •  Help your child more effectively!
Bonus 2: Access to Help from DMTI Staff
  •  Ask us anything!
  •  We're yours to answer questions and challenges
  •  Email, Skype or Phone available
  •  Reach out at your convenience
Did You Know... 
DMT Math Games also help improve other subjects?
What's Included?
Here's a Breakdown of the Complete Math Games & Tools
Primary Math Assessment Tool
  • Get a Baseline reading on where your child is at today in less than 10 minutes
  • Retake every 30, 60 & 90 days to track progress!
  •  One of a Kind Proprietary System used by 30+ School Districts ($495 Value)
  •  Easy to use
Measurement Games Package
  •  Games, Books & Tools to help improve your child's measurement abilities
  •  Helps your child connect visual understandings of magnitude to the numbers that represent them
  •  Build a strong foundation for more difficult and advanced math concepts including geometry, fractions and algebra
Relational Thinking Games Package
  • Games, Books & Tools to help improve your child's Relational Thinking abilities
  •  Helps your child build a strong foundation for general problem solving
  •  Improves future ability to perform on college entrance exams like the SAT & ACT
Interpreting Context Games Package
  • Games, Books & Tools to help improve your child's Interpreting Context Skills
  •  Builds a strong foundation in listening comprehension & language (yes, through math!)
  •  Assists in solving real-world problems and making sense of information
Spatial Reasoning Games Package
  •  Books, Games & Tools to improve your child's Spatial Reasoning Skills
  •  This area is the foundation of all other areas of math and is the strongest predictor of your child's future success.
  •  Assists in improving brain health and protection against cognitive decline later in life
Number Sequencing Games Package
  • Books, Games & Tools to improve your child's Number Sequencing Skills
  •  Assists in performance in verbal counting, forwards & backwards
  •  Helps lower anxiety related to school, math & other subjects
  •  Proven to increase motivation and self-confidence
Number Facts Games Package
  • Books, Games & Tools to improve your child's Number Facts skills
  •  Helps increase working memory and solving difficult tasks
  •  Assists in increasing your child's competence with numbers
Increase Your Child's Future Income Potential!
Did you know... Early math success is a predictor of a 28% higher income level?
Everything you get when you join today
Here’s what you’ll get instant access to
  • Primary Math Assessment Tool ($495 value)
  • Spatial Reasoning Packagae ($95 value)
  • Measurement Package ($95 value)
  •  Relational Thinking Package ($95 value)
  •  Interpreting Context Package ($95 value)
  •  Number Facts Package ($95 value)
  •  Number Sequencing Package ($95 value)
  •  Bonus: Curriculum & Theory Package ($249 value)
  •  Bonus: Coaching Call ($495 value)
  •  Priority access to special offers & updates from DMT Institute
School Price: $1,895
Did you know...
Children with above average math scores are 68% happier?
More Results from Parents & Teachers
Complete Math is optimized for fast, tangible results!
Now I understand why my children struggled with math for so many years. I never realized before how often I would teach them tricks and gimmicks to learn math concepts that were actually foundational to more difficult topics we were going to learn later. I find myself doing a much better job of focusing on the big concepts and helping them see the connections between things I never knew were related. (DMTI) has reinvigorated my teaching. I wish I could do my first 20 years of teaching all over again!

- Jessica D.                                                                   

Having (DMTI staff) in my classroom was the best experience! My kids loved having an expert teach them. I learned more from team teaching that 45 minute lesson than I could have possibly imagined. It was so helpful!

- Rachel F.                                                                  

Using the (DMTI) modules to teach fractions was the best thing I did all year. I struggled with fractions when I was a student and never felt comfortable teaching fractions to my kids. But, the modules helped me understand fractions in a much deeper way and my kids are stronger with their fraction understanding than I ever thought they could be this early in the year.

- Julie C.                                                                    

I have never loved teaching math as much as I have this year. Learning all of these teaching strategies from (DMTI) has made math come alive in my classroom. My students are further along now than any class I’ve ever taught before.

- Sue G.                                                                     

Just wanted to write a short message to you about how grateful we have been for the additional professional development that has been provided this year to support our teachers. Our team has found this professional development highly beneficial and fresh; meaning it is new material and not something our teachers had already seen before. Thanks so much for providing this opportunity, we think you are amazing and always appreciate your concise and articulate style of teaching. Thank you all for the work you do to support our teachers.

- Steve L, Lake Elementary                                                                 

Meet the Creator
Jonathan Brendefur, PhD
Jonathan has a PhD in mathematics and is the founder of DMT Institute - a leading math education company specializing in improving elementary school students’ abilities both in and out of the classroom.

He has worked with 10,000+ students, teachers and parents from 35 states to help them improve their math abilities and become more effective in their lives.

Did you know...
You can uncover your child's future academic weak points and fix them before they become a problem? 
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I get?
You get the entire package as outlined above. You get the Primary Math Assessment used by 50,000+ students across the US to gauge their current abilities and where to focus their time most effectively and which games to play!

You also get each package outlined above which includes games, books & further tools to improve your child's performance and competency in the weak areas (that you discovered with the PMA) and strengthen the strong areas!
Do I get a physical package?
No, the Complete Math package is a digital product that walks you through the best, scientifically recommended books, games & tools based on your child's needs. You'll discover those needs using the PMA (a digital tool you'll get instant access to). From there, the Complete Math program will direct you to the recommended games & books to get your child so you don't waste your time with the wrong ones!
How long do I have access?
You get instant access today and will have lifetime access forever!
How do I know this will work for my child?
We've spent over 20 years and $17 Million on research, worked in over 30 school districts across the United States with over 50,000 students. The Complete Math package is guaranteed to uncover your child's hidden academic weak points and systematically fix them early, saving you and your child years of headaches!
What games are included?
You will be directed towards the most appropriate games for your child based on his/her specific needs after you go through the Primary Math Assessment. From there, the Complete Math program will recommend the games & books to focus on first! You will have access to all games & books recommended for each area forever!
Who is this package for?
Parents who want to set their kids up for success in both elementary school and beyond! Parents who are frustrated with their child's performance in the classroom and want to "nip it in the bud"! This is also for parents who want to avoid headaches in the future (middle school, high school & college) for both themselves and their children.
What results should I expect?
Expect to have fun! The Complete Math program is designed to walk you and your child down the most fun and efficient path towards academic success so you don't waste any time on the "wrong solution". The Complete Math program is the only solution of its kind!

You should also expect your child to be happier, more confident and successful both inside and outside of the classroom!
What if I am unhappy with this product?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If after 30 days, you don't feel this program is right for you, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund!
Can I trust your guarantee?
Of course. It’s backed by major companies like VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. There’s never been a person in history who hasn’t received their refund in accordance with our refund policy. The only person who can lose out on this is us!
100% Money Back Guarantee
DMT Insitute and the Complete Math program guarantees your child will have fun, learn and show an increase in test scores. Give the Complete Math program a test drive for 30 days. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked!
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